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Getaway Campers are the friendly Europe camper hire specialists who love travelling and love to help others have a great travel adventure too.

  Our Story

At Getaway Campers we have travelled extensively all over the world from Afghanistan to Uzbekistan, and quite a few other places in between.

One of the things that we found that we value most is being able to travel to our own schedule. That means doing the things we want to, when and where we want to do them. We found that by far the best way to acheive that was having our own wheels. It's also a lot more fun!

The flexibility means you meet locals in the small villages or in other isolated places in the back blocks of nowhere. These are the times we often remember most. Also it means you get to camp by that secluded bay, or pull up to sleep whenever it suits.

  Our Aim

europe camper hireWe're pretty friendly folk, so our main aim is to ensure you have a good time. Whether we pick you up from the airport, or you're after some advice on where to go, we're more than happy to help out with your Europe camper hire. Traveling ought to be fun, and that's what we are all about providing. We look forward to helping you to Getaway!

  Why Getaway Campers?

Many of our customers are looking for an independent way to travel. Whether it's in the Cotswolds, the highlands of Scotland, the vineyards of Bordeaux or the beaches of Spain. In most cases mobility is a top priority for our clients. The flexibility and ease to travel and stay off the beaten tourist track, along with the ability to visit the main places, do the shopping and meeting fellow backpackers and travelers from all over the world at local camping sites in the UK and Europe, are just a few of the reasons we hear all the time for travelling by camper.

Our vans are easy to drive, very reliable and come with all sorts of features that cost a lot more on equivalent larger or European models. The vans drive and travel extremely well, being neither too big or too small. They are ideal for navigating narrow lanes or parking in the city. With the ability to seat four people, they are also an economical way to get around with the family or friends.