Frequently Asked Questions

  Where are your depots?

Main Depot is at: "The Greenworks" 145 Nathan Way , Thamesmead, London SE28 0AB

Nearest Station is PLUMSTEAD overground station , ABBEYWOOD overground Station or WOOLWICH ARSENAL DLR railway

Call us from the station and we can arrange collection.                    

  What happens if I break down?

If you have any mechanical problems then we provide free AA 24 hour roadside assistance. The AA will assist you at NO charge for any MECHANICAL issues you might have during your travels. AA cover is only included for the UK. We do not provide European break down assistance, but you can organise this independently fairly easily. We do however provide an RAC Euro emergency kit which is now legally required under EU Law, plus we also include a set of jumper leads just in case.

  What if I have a foreign driving license?

No problem. All drivers must just have a valid full driver's license which they will need to present when they collect the van. Please note that our pricing is based on having a clean driving record, otherwise a small daily surcharge may apply.

  How many people can travel in a Getaway Camper?

All of our campers are designed to seat FOUR people (due to our rear seat),(We have some 5 seater campers for next year )  which is great for families or friends wanting to lower the cost of traveling. The front and rear seats of our campers swivel, so that you can turn them around when parked up for a game of cards or a meal.

Please see the camper's page of our website for the layout of each vehicle.

  How many people can sleep in a Getaway Camper?

Each camper sleeps TWO inside on double bed. We also hire out an awning that fits onto the vans for the extra TWO people or 3 in some if your feeling cozy .                   

Please see camper's page of this website for the layout of each vehicle.

  What sort of bags should I bring?

We recommend soft bags to make maximum use of our storage area.

  Can I charge my phone or iPod, and what about laptops?

Yes, we have included an adaptor as standard for phones and iPods. If you are bringing a laptop or DVD player (for your photos, movies, music etc), then we can offer transformers for hire. Both adaptors and transformers take any country power connection.

  Do you have one way hires?

Not at this stage sorry. Our aim is to add a European depot soon and another in the UK.

  Can I pick up in Europe?

Again, not at this stage - but look out for a European depot soon.

  What type of van is a Getaway Camper?

All our vans are Toyota's. Please see our page on the campers for a full run down

  Do you have manual transmissions?

No. All our campers are automatics.

  Do you have left hand drive vans?

All our vans are right hand drive at this time.

  How big is the Awning?

The awnings sleep 2 - 3. Height is 2m, Length 3.5m and Width 3m

  Where can I take my camper?

The additional European cover allows you to travel in all EU countries plus Switzerland, Croatia, Norway, Iceland and Monaco. EU countries include: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Slovakia, Sweden, UK If there are any countries outside of this that you'd like to vist please let us know well before your collection date and we will ask our insurers.

  What is the range on a tank of gas?

About 550km

  What does the insurance cover?

We include Fully Comprehensive Insurance. The hirer is responsible for the £750 pound excess for drivers 21 and over. This covers the cost of damage to Third Party property including single vehicle accident, towing and recovery costs, theft, fire, break in or vandalism. Insurance also includes the cost of the daily rental rate for the period the vehicle is off fleet for accident repairs. This excess applies in respect of each claim, not rental. If you an incident occurs, please let Getaway Campervans know as soon as possible. Getaway Campers strongly recommends that you have personal travel insurance while traveling also.

If you have some kind of accident or breakdown, Getaway Campers will either replace your vehicle with a similar one, or refund your hire charge for any days you lose the complete use of the vehicle. It is at the discretion of Getaway Campers as to whether we choose to release another vehicle to you following an accident or not (it would depend on the circumstances).

  Can I waive my excess?

Yes, just tell us on your booking form and we will arrange it for you at £5 + VAT per day.

  Is there a minimum hire period?

Yes, we have a minimum THREE day hire in winter and SEVEN days in summer.

  Are there any extra costs?

No. Once we finalise the price based on your requirements, that's it. No hidden charges!

  Does the Sat Nav cover both the UK and Europe?

Yes it does. This makes your life a whole lot easier!

  Do you supply information on camping ground and caravan parks?

Yes. Each camper comes with the AA Britain and Ireland Camping and Caravan Ground Guide. We don't presently provide information on European camping sites.

  Should I book campsites in advance?

We recommend doing so if staying between July - September, otherwise you should be OK.

  Will my mobile phone work in the UK and Europe?

It depends on your plan, but we recommend purchasing a UK sim card on arrival. These can be obtained from vending machines at the airport. This is useful in emergencies or even for just telling us that you want to extend your hire.

  Where can we park overnight?

Parking in the UK and Europe is pretty easy. Like anywhere, please remember that local laws do apply and any violations are your responsibility. You can often park and sleep in truck stops, but there are lots of caravan parks and camping grounds in the UK and Europe that offer great facilities at low cost too. All of our campers come with the AA Britain and Ireland Camping Ground Guide to make life easier.

  What is the minimum age to rent a Getaway Camper?

You need to be 21 years of age, have a full license and a good driving history of at least TWO years. There is an additional insurance premium of £10 per day + VAT for those aged 21-24 years old.

  How do I pay my deposit?

Simply click on the 'Bookings & Quotes' tab on the left hand menu and click on 'Request booking'. You will be required to enter in your details including credit/debit card; this is for a £100 deposit to secure your reservation. If we have availability for your booking we will deduct the deposit and then send you a booking confirmation. This deposit is deducted from the total balance due when you come and collect your camper. (if the camper is collected from our London depot, dropped off at your place, or you arrange for a pickup at the airport, the balance will be deducted on the day of hire).

  What if I cancel?

Your deposit is non-refundable if you should choose to cancel your reservation, but it is transferable if you let us know at least 14 days prior to your booking date. This is then valid for another SIX months. Please note that this is at our discretion and is subject to individual circumstances and the time of year. Cancellations made within 14 days of your pick up date will not be transferable or refunded. Cancellations that are made within 48-24 hours of the pick up date will be charged 50% of the total hire price. Cancellations that are made within 24 hours of the pick up, or 'no shows', will be charged the full hire cost. Should you cancel your booking once your hire has started, you will not receive a refund.

  How can I pay?

Cash, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, and Visa Electro. Debit cards are free to use but credit cards do incur a 3% fee.

  What do I need to bring with me?

Please be sure the driver is present and that they have their drivers license and Passport (or other suitable photo ID) with them. Please bring a credit card so that your details can be left on the contract and the cash/card to pay the outstanding balance. You will also need to bring with you bedding as we do not provide this. If you have an iPod and car connection, please bring that so you can hook up your sounds through the stereo.


  Is there a bond?

We do not take a bond as such, but we do take a manual imprint of your card to cover the excess. We also hold your credit card details on the contract should the camper be returned damaged, un-cleaned or if you incur any fines/charges while out on the road

  Is insurance included in the prices?

Yes, insurance is compulsory for each driver so the quoting system will automatically include this in depending on the age of the driver and whether you are driving just in the UK or outside of the UK (to mainland Europe).

  How much for an extra driver?

An extra driver is an additional £5 per day + VAT.

  When can I collect and return my van?

Anytime during our depot opening hours:
Mon - Fri 0900h - 1600h, and Sat 0900h - 1200h
(Please note that Sunday and Saturday after 12pm is by appointment only) We calculate our hire times by calendar days. So each day is counted as one, irrespective of what time you collect/return the camper. Please turn up within 30 minutes of your booked reservation time and return the camper on the time stated on your contract. Late fees do apply.

  Can I take a child seat?

Our campers have front airbags and the rear seat has lap belts only. They can take child seats that are certified for lap belts.

  What if I drive into the London Congestion Zone?

This can be a bit tricky, but the area is sign posted heavily. Essentially you are responsible for paying this yourself either on the day or next day. This can be done online or by phone. Failure to do so will result in a £60 fine from Transport for London. The best thing is to either take alternate routes or park your camper in a suburb for the day. Don't worry though, our depots are well outside the congestion zone.