Camper Hire Heathrow Airport, London

The UK's largest and busiest airport - Getaway from the commotion and get travelling with Getaway Camper hire Heathrow.

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London Heathrow Airport is the largest airport in the UK. It's also one of the busiest with a plethora of international passengers passing through every day and keeping your wits about you can sometimes be a bit tricky. If you've just touched down in London you're probably going to need a place to stay. Instead of looking into Heathrow car rental, why not pick up a Getaway camper. Our spacious campers act as your transport and accommodation in one simple and affordable package.Contact us now!

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So now that you've got your day to day transport and accommodation sussed, you'd probably like to know a bit more about the airport and places of interest in the near vicinity.

The Airport Itself

Heathrow has about 67 million passengers flying to 170 worldwide destinations on over 90 different airlines every year. The airport's primary structure is built up of 5 terminals the most recent of which has only been open since early 2008. Further areas of this terminal will be opened in 2010.

Despite the size of the airport, it only has two runways lying parallel to one another (facing East and West). These runways along with the terminals cater for a wide variety of aircraft including, in recent years, the Airbus A380.

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Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park theme park is one of the UK’s most popular attractions. It used to be a water park but has since been upgraded into a fully fledged adrenaline ride extravaganza. It lies just 8km from Heathrow Airport.

Windsor Castle

This 484 000 sqft castle is the largest inhabited castle in the world. It plays regular host to the Royal family and is a must see for travellers both international and local. The castle dates back to the times of William the Conqueror and full of interesting historical sites. The lush parks and surrounding farmlands a beautiful site to behold.

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Lego Land

Lego Land is a fun filled attraction for the whole family. Fun rides for the little ones, bigger rides for the older kids and heaps of restaurants for mum and dad. There are some really amazing Lego constructions the most noteworthy of which is the Lego Miniland which bosts scaled down replicas of famous buildings all over the world, built from over 20 Million bricks. Pull up to the park in your camper, pile everyone out and get ready for a Lego filled day of fun.